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With hundreds of thousands of members, ChristianMingle(R).com is the largest site for Christian singles. We invite you to join our community. Meet other Christian singles looking for friendship and love and finding it! Connect with others at your own speed and in a variety of ways.

At ChristianMingle.com, you can:

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  • Send and receive unlimited email
  • Send beautiful and inspiring e-cards
  • Read the Bible Verse of the Day
  • Receive free 24/7 telephone support
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Your values. Your beliefs. YOUR community.

ChristianMingle.com is the place to be for Christian Singles!

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ChristianMingle - A Top Friendly Christian Online Dating Site

ChristianMingle.com is a warm and friendly specialized online dating site with a nice, easy to navigate layout, allowing you to easily browse around. Along with all the regular, yet great features on Christian Mingle, which are also offered by most other sites, there is also a “Statement of Christian Faith” assurance pledge signifying that all the members are of true Christian faith and sincerity, and is in belief of their said religion, when joining the website. There is however to some, a minor distraction as there are periodical online ads shown as a free member, they do however not appear at the full membership level.

The search function on Christian Mingle is one of the best features of the site, even at the ‘Free Standard Membership’ level. As all members are able to use the; “Advanced Search” option. This is of great help provided that you know exactly what you are looking for in an ideal date or partner. If you happen to be searching by location, you can get pretty specific, down exactly to your local neighborhood or borough, up to just a few blocks away. This is a lot better than Christian Mingles immediate competitors, which just offers searches based on specific cities. ChristianMingle.com also allows you to search for someone based on specific keywords as mentioned in their member profiles. This is an extremely useful tool to find compatible partners with specific similar hobbies you many share in common.

The Christian community feel is excellent, as there are extensive friendly message boards, with sections divided into and devoted to everything from specific Bible studies, to daily devotional messages, to favorite foods, health issues, fitness, and hobbies. These boards are popular and are regularly used by all members, creating a safe and friendly social environment.

The individual profiles on Christian Mingle are very well organized and extremely easy to input and view. The only setback may be that you are unable to contact other members unless you are a paid member. On the profiles themselves, there are a wide range of personal information that you are able to display. Info such as: basic personal profile information, your favorite music or musicians, and other information such as the importance of what being a good Christian means to you. These descriptive profiles are a great way to getting a fairly good idea of someone’s personality, before you contact them. There is also a feature called “Question Of The Week”, this is an excellent idea, great icebreaker and unique to Christian Mingle!

ChristianMingle.com’s series of “COMPASS” quizzes is another excellent feature, which is only available and thus unique to Christian Mingle. When you take the quiz, you will find out how ready you are for an actual relationship (but don’t worry, no one else will see your results!). You will also be able to check how your compatibility profile, matches up with another member, based on their COMPASS results. What it does is it takes the final results from both of your quizzes and then sees how well of a match both you may be!

Christian Mingle also has an unique “Organized Events” service, which is something you would not necessarily find on other online dating sites. This is a fantastic idea for meeting other members in person, in a controlled social setting. Most of these organized events and get togethers however, are primarily based in the United States. This is probably because the majority of the Christian Mingles members as of right now, seems to be living in the USA.

Highlights Of ChristianMingle:

So when you are using the message boards, or the chat function, and encounter someone of interest, you would assume that they are in the same country as you are. We recommend that when joining any online dating site, that you do extensive searches in your direct local area, before buying any type of paid membership, especially if you are from outside of the United States. This is to make sure there are single members in your area.

The membership cost to join Christian Mingle is affordable and on par to its competitors of other Christian dating sites. So, if you are looking for a Free and simple, user friendly, easy-to-use and join Christian dating site, and you live in North America, ChristianMingle.com is the place for you! Sign up today with Christian Mingle and find your soul mate…

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         Dating Information:

  • 76% of Americans identified themselves as Christian in 2008. Of this population, roughly 20% attend church regularly and are defined as “committed” Christians.
  • A recent study found that 1 in 5 new committed relationships begin as a result of online dating. What do these statistics mean for one another?
  • With more and more single people using online dating sites, committed Christians will represent a significant pool of these potential daters.
  • There are literally millions of single Christians in the U.S. who are using online dating to meet other like minded people.
  • In cases where a mainstream site may not provide the environment that Christians of faith would prefer, a Christian dating site becomes the best choice.
  • If you are considering online dating, check out several sites that are specifically for Christians.
  • Many of these even allow you to narrow your search by denomination so that you can find someone whose doctrinal beliefs and practices will be in tune with yours.
  • These sites also often have single Christian dating advice of their own that can be helpful.

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